"How would other musicians privately describe your playing?.. If you're sick and tired of feeling like your bass playing is inadequate, boring or stuck in neutral, I'd like to show you..."

For Beginners & Intermediate Players....
Here's How to Improve Your Bass Playing
In 3 Distinct Steps...

** Covers 4, 5 and 6 string bass **

From: Alex Sampson,
Founder Bass Guitar Tips
Wednesday 9:43 am

Re: The next time you play a gig with your band, play a service at your church, or just jam with your friends or the CD player in your garage - no matter what style of music you play - I want you to sound darn good and finally feel proud of your playing...

...In fact, I want you to sound so good that anyone listening to your playing literally can't hardly wait to walk up to you and compliment you after!

From: Alex Sampson,
Founder Bass Guitar Tips
Wednesday 9:43 am

Dear Friend,

I don't care how long you've been playing bass... 1 day or 15 years...

...I don't care if you're an ace at reading sheet music, or you don't know the first note on a bass staff...

...And I especially don't care if you can't even tune a bass or if you've already mechanically memorized every single note on the fretboard...

None of that stuff matters!

...If right now, you can't consistently come up with killer bass lines off the top of your head for most any of your favorite songs (heck any song for that matter), I want to show you a simple 3-step, no guess work method I developed just for people like yourself, that I'm willing to bet will almost certainly work wonders for your playing.

...It absolutely doesn't matter where you are now with your playing... Or what your experience level is... Or what your age is... Or even what kind of equipment you're playing on now.

This system is igniting the skills of 15 and 17 year olds who are just getting started playing bass... So imagine what it will do for you! Trust me, when you learn it, you'll be the one writing tabs (if you want) rather than looking them up!


It's a process that took me years to perfect and get into a form I can fully explain for someone else to copy, but now that I've boiled it down into a logical, paint-by-numbers system (called CG-X), I'd like to share it with you today to help squash your learning curve like a brick hitting a bug, and get you playing performance-level bass in the fastest time possible!

And if performing isn't you goal... Well let's just say that you'll privately be on average ten times better than a lot of players who are on stages right now.

As you can clearly see my friend if you've always wanted to play fantastic bass lines, with all the tight grooviness, fancy runs, and fretboard control of someone who has been playing for years, my CG-X method is the REAL DEAL...

So you can keep wasting your time looking for something else, but I guarantee that you'll hate yourself later if you leave without checking out this course today...

You see, the overlooked secret lies in this...

If you can hum "Doh-Ray-Me" and hear the difference in those three tones, you already have what it takes to start using my system and I guarantee that you'll be amazed at the startling results you'll see...

We'll just have to make one quick 5 second change to the way that you listen and what you listen for, and you're practically all set!

Let me explain...

How to use this to play bass lines
you can truly feel proud of...

I want to get right into telling you all the details you need to know to start using CG-X today, but first two really quick sidenotes...

SIDENOTE 1) I want to tell you that this is NOT like ANY other instructional bass book or video you've seen anywhere else.

If you're expecting to have to spend 5 months scratching your head working out a bunch of theory before you can start playing you're way off target.

...Or if you think it's just some 'on-the-surface', basic examples of what to do and not HOW to do it, like you see in so many instructional videos and books... (You know what I'm talking about... the frustrating approach that goes, 'here's-a-progression-here's-10-scale-patterns-now-good-luck-figuring-out-how-to-apply-them-and-sound-good') again you'd be sadly mistaken.

What you'll learn inside is exactly how to hit the ground running and be able to play most any song you hear, off the top of your head and NOT need tabs ever again. And more importantly, how to sound DAMN good doing it!

SIDENOTE 2) Why listen to me?

Good question.

Well you've already seen a TRUCKLOAD of REAL success stories from REAL people just like yourself who gave my methods a shot and were thrilled way beyond what they had hoped for.


I could tell you all sorts of wonderful and true stories I suppose, about how I have performed for individual crowds of thousands of persons, worked as a first call session bassist, performed on cruise boats, belonged to a list of working bands, been the backbone of my church's music department for over 7 years (played with them for well over 10 years) and taught 17 year olds who now put far more experienced players to shame but...

Would you really care? I hope not. This is about you. Not me.

Certainly you'll get to hear samples of what I think I'll be able to teach you a little later down but for now all I'm asking you to do is to listen long enough to test these ideas and see that they work for you, personally.

If you're willing to invest that time, I'm willing to take all the risk for you because I firmly believe that the accolades of a player have absolutely 'squat' to do with you and how well you'll play -- And for now that's all that matters! -- How well you play!..

What matters is that YOU benefit from a comprehensive, ZERO 'guesswork' system that works every time for;

1) Listening to and quickly analyzing a song with the same ease you'd read a billboard...

Having your brain automatically go into a feeding frenzy producing dozens of killer ideas for bass lines following the exact process I give you and...

Executing a professional sounding, irresistible bass part, with the skill of someone who has been performing for years...

Ok! So here goes that exact 3 step system...

Introducing "Bass Guitar Secrets Super Course! -
The CG-X™ System To Bass Guitar Mastery"

"How to Play 'Killer' Performance Level
Bass Lines For Any Song Right Off The Top of
Your Head -- Starting In 90 Days or Less"

(Now I gotta warn you... As you can obviously see the full course is huge... It's bulging with a lot of information, but don't worry... It's carefully chunked down into easy to use components so that your progress is smooth and easy as can be.)

Here are some of the things you'll learn inside this fast paced, results-only system from the day you crack open the very first page...

Component 1:
The Main Study Manuals

Component #1: "The Main Study Manuals"
form the meat and potatoes of the course...

These are two well rounded study guides, over 250 plump pages of pure, hard hitting content, comprehensive bass playing lessons, insider concepts and step-by-step methods to take you from being a green, soft-bellied beginner to having people thinking you have been playing for years -- In the shortest time humanly possible.

...It'll set you on the way to discovering the secrets to the ultimate groove and you'll learn a no fail, paint-by-numbers way to approach any song and play it excellently without tabs, even if you never heard the song before!

Here's just a sample of what you'll discover within the first 7 days you start using it...

"CG-X Delivers Powerful & Rapid Results!"

Press Play For A Sound Sample

Low Quality Preview. Optimized for
Internet Playback

"...Even If You're A Total Beginner You Can Expect to
Be Creating Tight Grooves Like This In No Time!..
...CGX Is About Real-Life, Rapid Results!"
  • The 4 critical 'hooks' anyone can learn to inject in every song starting right now, that always separates a clinically dead, boring bass line from an irresistible one that a listener *literally* can't get out of his head!... Other than the most active gigging musicians most people can only identify one or two of these factors and that's one reason why their bass lines limp along near dead...

  • An exact process for how to turn a boxy, bookworm sounding scale pattern into a tight, magnetic groove by immediately 'sensing out' the most convincing notes to play over every chord in the progression - Everytime...

  • Exactly what the CG-X formula is (an overview and all the nitty-gritty) and how learning this detailed step-by-step sequence will have you easily creating killer, performance level bass lines for virtually any song you hear!

  • Two stunning "knee-jerk like" triggers I learnt from psychology class about how the brain accepts information that finally explains why some bass lines will always sound better to the ear than others - no matter how much you practice! -- And how to use them to your immediate advantage anytime someone has to listen to you play!

    This is a POWERFUL lesson right here... If you've wondered about some bass lines that you just can't get outta your head here's the two-part secret you need to include in your playing!

  • What every bass player must know about harmony and how chords are constructed...

  • ...And a 15 minute crash course that will completely demystify even the most complex sounding chord progressions so you instantly know exactly which range of notes you can play for ANY song, and even more than that, which notes are most likely to be played.

  • My accelerated fast-track plan with exact day by day practice routines for how to go from being an absolute, 'ground zero' beginner (who does not even know the strings on the bass) to being able to confidently hold your end jamming (and sounding good!) with your friends within 14 short days!

  • A full blown explanation (complete with diagrams) and comprehensive practice routine to quickly harness the power of Alex's unique 2 part "Fretboard Genius Method" to 'conquer' the entire fretboard and effortlessly play across the full range of the neck without ever getting lost...

    If you got Bass Guitar Secrets! for this lesson alone it'd be well worth your time!

    The 2 part "Fretboard Genius" concept is based on something so simple I guarantee you'll kick yourself for not having really seen the bass neck like this before! -- I have a library full of guitar and electric bass material, I scour the Internet everyday like a mad man, and still I have never seen anyone teach fretboard agility this way!)
  • The absolute best notes to play over each chord and what octaves they usually sound best in...

  • How to fast forward ahead months of tedious music theory, get straight to the core and still become a tight bassist that isn't fazed by any chord chart...

  • How to comfortably move between different 'registers' of the bass, play confidently and not get stuck in a rut playing in only one section...

  • Plain, and accurate advice to chop a clear path through all the clutter about learning to play electric bass. If you just bought your first bass, this is where you start!

  • A substitute system advanced musician use for playing fluently without even knowing the notes that they are playing...

    WARNING! Read this before you waste a single precious second or another hard earned penny on any resource that tries to fool you into some system for rote learning all the notes on the fretboard! - Bottomline... You don't have to!

  • How to avoid *the single biggest under the radar pitfall* of learning to play bass, that immediately attaches itself like a 120lb ball and chain to 99% of self taught players and is almost solely responsible for them dragging along at one level for most of their playing lives!

    (...This had absolutely NOTHING to do with hand technique in case you think you know what I'm talking about -- And if you feel like your growth is flat lined you should look into this immediately!)

Click Here to Order Now!

OK Let's stop for a quick break and take stock of where we are so far with a very simple demonstration...

Just with the secrets you would have learned so far I can take you from raw beginner stage to playing bass lines like this with a relative degree of ease and confidence...

Press Play For A Sound Sample

Low Quality Preview. Optimized for
Internet Playback

"Everything You Hear in The Sample Above is Based
on The Fundamentals We've Outlined So Far..."

On that note... Why not try out a free sample lesson from
the "Bass Guitar Secrets!" course right now?...

Just fill in your name and email address right below, I'll send you a review copy immediately and teach you a single fast track secret so powerful it is guaranteed to detonate an explosion in your bass playing no matter what stage you're at now...

N.B. This one secret tweak I'm going to show you will give you
and dramatic results in as little as the next 2 - 3 hours!
First Name:
Primary E-mail Address:
** And you'll never have to worry about me renting out,
selling, trading your email address, or sending you
junk email. You got my word on that.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

For example, in addition to the things we've already covered, some other things we'll specifically focus on in the manuals are;

"These Secrets Accelerate Your Progress
And Flatten Your Learning Curve!"

Press Play For A Sound Sample

Low Quality Preview. Optimized for
Internet Playback

"You'll Learn Step-by-step All The Keys Elements
to Building Rock Solid Grooves That Make
People Want to Move And Musicians Want to Play!"
  • The secret of the groove suck - Perhaps the single fastest and most effective way ever discovered to ignite your bass lines and sound far more professional when you jam.

  • The single biggest mistake that easily 90% of all bass players make when trying to join chords or go from one mode to another that makes your playing sound extremely disjointed...

  • The little known 'edge' the world's top electric bassists have known about for years -- It deals with how to really see the notes on the bass and has everything to do with developing advanced groove power fast... (No this has absolutely nothing to do with scale 'degrees' or patterns... In fact I bet you'll never guess what I'm referring to)...

  • The truth about how to develop that vital 'communication' between you as the bassist and the drummer by finally understanding *exactly* what to listen for in his playing... (Hint: Most people go left wing wrong in thinking that it's entirely about the kick drum.)

  • Several examples of how to quickly and easily create an irresistible bass line for virtually any song, (even one you're hearing for the very first time) using CG-X without sounding like an amateur just playing through the root and 5th notes...

    ...I'm not kidding, these are the exact same secrets the world's top session bassists use both live and in the studio to create grooves that get them well paid!
  • Exactly how to lock a groove that doesn't just mirror the drummer, but instead compliments what he/she is playing wonderfully... (Anyone you play with will appreciate this skill greatly!)

  • 4 completely different ways to interpret most any chords and play over them to ensure that your bass lines don't ever sound starchy, boring and predictable...

  • What the two most important things a beginner can do to their bass lines right this minute to make them 10 times more attractive to a listener are...

  • Two virtually unknown secrets to accurately setting your inner clock and why even players who have been practicing for decades still don't know that they are 100% wrong about how to do this!

  • How to accurately predict the chords most likely to show up in a progression (in most popular music) before you even touch your bass.

  • What your scales and modes are really for when you're learning electric bass and a fresh new explanation of all the most important scales you need to know to get started playing NOW.

  • How to cut the time you spend on tedious technique work down by 35% - 65% and still get your hands into fantastic playing shape without cutting corners.

  • What your first job is as an electric bassist!

  • A dead giveaway that you are a novice bassist, that IMMEDIATELY draws attention to itself and prevents the listener from ever even hearing and appreciating your real skill level...

    ...On the flip side, correct this and your playing is INSTANTLY seen as exponentially more mature!

  • The almost 'against the grain' way to position your hands and attach your bass for maximum reach and fluidity even if you have small hands.

  • Why most players miss out on a largely important part of the drum beat that accurately hints to several important bass line ingredients... and... why they never even realize it!

  • What experienced players know about 'memorizing' the notes on the fretboard that beginners don't and why most beginners are working way too hard when there are 4 very simple tricks you can use to instantly name ANY note, anywhere on the fretboard... (These are completely different secrets to the ones I talk about before and I'll show you them all!)

  • The A-B-C formula for adding huge amounts of funk to your bass grooves including a technique most people don't recognize can be used for playing 1/16th and 1/8th notes easy as pie and staying in solid time...

  • How to lay wicked authentic rock lines in both driven 8th and funky 16th notes feels...

Alright... Time for another quick break and now let's briefly examine two more samples;

One showing a tasty idea for a rock bass line with a 1/16th ghost note feel (Don't worry if you don't know what this means... I'll explain it all in the course)

Press Play For A Sound Sample

Low Quality Preview. Optimized for
Internet Playback

"One Idea For a Rock Bass Line With A
1/16th Ghost Note Feel..."

Notice how even though there are no chords being played
you can still distinctly feel the harmony of the song!

And the second example employs some of the techniques I'll show you for building grooves from scratch that people simply can't ignore!

Press Play For A Sound Sample

Low Quality Preview. Optimized for
Internet Playback

"This is an example of a groove that wonderfully attaches itself to the drum beat, holds the song together and reaches out and magnetically grabs musicians and listeners alike..."

(Again, notice that no chordal instruments are backing me up but I bet you still won't be able to get this groove outta your head -- You'll learn to create these kinda grooves yourself.)

But what if we went even further, and dug deeper into more even specifics of playing performance grade electric bass and talked about;

"A Methodical Approach That Bridges
The Missing Link To Great Playing..."
  • 7 specific jealously guarded options for coming up with superstar fills and riffs... These 7 options can single handedly open up literally thousands of new ways for you to create great sounding fills and runs on the fly and add a touch of flare to your playing...

    A Few Examples of Riffs You'll Learn...

    Fill #1
    Fill #2
    Fill #3
    Fill #4
    Fill #5

    Fill #6

    Low Quality Preview. Optimized for
    Internet Playback

    "I'll Give You Loads of Great Fills to Use In Your
    Own Playing AND Teach You Exactly How To
    Easily Create Your Own Fills That Other Players
    Will Go Home And Try To Copy!..."

    "Click here and improve your bass playing starting today..."
  • 11 flaming hot tips that when applied will instantly improve your Gospel, Funk, R&B, Latin, Rock and Metal bass lines without you having to copy what you hear others play -- Instead you'll learn how to replicate exactly what you hear in your own head!..

    ...Each of these tips are explained in precise detail and each individual one will act as a hand grenade to blow any of your playing limitations to dust and quickly put you in a whole different category of players.

  • The right and wrong way to use 'patterns'... One can be deadly to your expressiveness and snuff out your creativity and the other single right way will do wonders for your ability to navigate the neck like a pro...

    ...Once you 'get' this the right way you will; 1) completely end your fear of moving out of your comfort zone, 2) start comfortably playing over all areas of the fret board, and 3) sound professional enough to hold a listening audience.

  • How to master 'The Big 3 of Irresistible Groove Playing' to consistently create fat grooves everytime!

    ...These are still secrets that 7 out of 10 intermediate bassists and 9 out of 10 beginners are dying to know because most everyone of them create bass grooves that they are NEVER totally pleased with...

    ...By nailing these 3 things alone your groove playing will so quickly and dramatically improve that you are almost guaranteed to become a highly sought after musician without even trying.

  • The silly little 5 second change you need to make to how to listen, if you want to follow along a bass line you really like and copy it more accurately... I'd give almost anything to see the look of shock on your face the first time you try this! :-)

  • The single biggest playing complaint other musicians secretly have about bassists and how to keep from becoming a pain in the butt player no one wants to jam with -- (If you're currently playing in a band, ever hope to or you just love jamming with your friends you're toast if you don't know this!)
  • The 'kiss' secret to playing a bass part that sounds highly complex to an admirer but is dead easy for you... And why some of your heroes bass lines sound so complex to you and why they really are 'simpler' than you think!

  • A quick test to tell if you are tone deaf.

  • Yet another shortcut you should be using to come up with killer bass lines in your head before you even see a chord chart instead of just copying what you hear, no matter what the style!

  • 7 ways to develop amazing wrist and finger strength and hand coordination that will improve your speed and clarity by at least 300%! (These 7 tricks work double time to give attacking speed - Yes!... even if you have short or chubby fingers)

  • An easy cure for 98% of unnecessary finger and wrist pains in the fretting hand...

  • This is it! The #1 secret of the electric bass 'gods' for coming up with outstanding fills and riffs everytime.

    If right now you struggle and only come up with great sounding fills by accident I promise you that you will be able to expertly join ANY chords the very first time you discover this!

  • The only two highly accurate ways to tune your bass by ear you'll ever need to know... Forget all the others!

  • How to do hammer ons perfectly and a single motion to add to a pull off that helps sound them up to 80% clearer.

  • How to position yourself as the dynamo driving force behind songs that both the musicians and listeners sorely miss if ever you don't play!

  • A bonafide crash course in the most popular contemporary styles including Rock/Metal, Funk, 'Gospel', Latin and Reggae and the correct ways to use notes choice, note placement and note duration to properly re-create the authentic feels for these styles of music...
  • A surprisingly simple way to sucker punch yourself when you just can't seem to break free of playing lame bass lines...

  • My almost forceful method that'll have you following written chord progressions on the fly up to 700% faster.

  • 9 specific, dependable tools you can use to give masterful musical expression and emotion to a bass line or to improve on a previously written bass line...

    I'll demonstrate how a simple bass part can shape-shift into 9 completely different creatures using each one of these!

  • How to insert brow-raising chordal backdrops into your bass line using natural harmonics! You'll be surprised at how many chords you can play with harmonics!

  • The 'hand and mouth' technique for nailing 1/8ths, 1/16th and eventually 1/32nds notes...

  • How to peel back the curtains and analyze a drum groove that instantly tells everyone you play with that you know what the heck you're doing...

  • And lots more!

"Try Bass Guitar Secrets complete Risk FREE!"

Imagine putting yourself at the TOP of the local musician scene… where bands BEG you to sit in or join...

...And finally mastering your instrument at the most practical and exciting level — so you quickly become the kind of artist who gets asked to do paid studio work, join tours, and work your magic with already-smoking bands...

Fact is, there's just sooo much good stuff here you'll probably want to devour it all in one sitting but at the same time still hope that the manual goes on forever.

And because it's such an easy read, before you even realize it you'd already be deep into some serious bass playing... (Most people tell me that they were thrilled to see the vast and noticeable leaps they took forward just after the first 14 - 21 days...)

. . .

OK let's speed this up a bit... We've got some more ground to cover.

The second component to "Bass Guitar Secrets!" is the audio training and commentary section.

Component 2:
Two... Four Jam Packed Audio Kits

Audio Kit Contents

In addition to the big 250+ page manuals, there are also 3... 4 hi-quality, jam-packed, audio kits that go along with the course.

Audio Kits #1 & #2: All Sound Files and Audio Commentaries For Volume 1 & 2

Because BGS is a multimedia home study course, each volume of the manual will refer to various exercises, demonstrations, riffs and tons of other sound files for you to benefit from...

To give you an idea, in total there are well over 350+ sound files that go along with the written and illustrated manual and the files for the volume 1 and 2 of the main manuals can be found in these two audio kits.

NB Each track is individually numbered for easy reference.

2 Special Bonus Audio Kits!

I'll tell you more about these in a bit!

For now I want to move on...

So far you've just read a fairly complete description of what you will learn by the time you complete the first two components of this remarkable home study course and some of the things you'll be able to do as a bassist.

Again I want to stress that this is NOT your average flimsy 27 page pocket guide but at the same time it is NOT so complex that you are stuck like a deer in the headlights...

As you can probably already tell, "Bass Guitar Secrets™" is literally a crash course, brain dump of everything you need to know about how to play bass parts you can truly be proud, and how to dramatically accelerate your present skills...

I honestly can NOT think of any other course as comprehensive, but hey, I might be a little biased. But really, it's kinda like jacking into "The Matrix" and having me download a well-rounded, practical bass education directly into your head in 90 days...

But what if this is all just a fancy pants SCAM?!

It's obvious that if you've read this far, you've listened to all the sound samples and considered how much you'd like to improve your playing, then you're certainly interested in taking "The CG-X System" inside "Bass Guitar Secrets!" for a test run.

I'd like to congratulate you on deciding to let me help you take your bass playing to the next level, whatever that may mean for you.

But I'm also guessing that you're wondering in the back of your mind, "Why on earth should I believe a single word this dude has to say about the success I will likely achieve with this system?"

That's a GREAT question and the answer is that you don't have to!

Here's my 'If This Don't Work Like Crazy For You
Don't Pay Me One Red Cent Absolute Results
' guarantee

Here's what...

Instead of you risking a few dollars on me, I'll risk my neck for you, remove all the risk from your shoulders and put it squarely on mine.

If you would like to try 'Bass Guitar Secrets!' but you're a little shaky as to if it's gonna be right for you, stop trying to decide now...

The ONLY way you can really tell for sure is if you order it now and try it out yourself... Test drive it all you like for the next 12 months.

In that time, if your bass playing hasn't gone from novice/average to outstanding... If you aren't creating far fuller, professional sounding bass lines for any song you have to play, I don't think I deserve to keep your money.

Because of that when you purchase the full course today I will NOT consider your purchase binding until you’ve had time to preview all of the material and get a chance to put it into action -- And I'm giving you a FULL 365 days to do so! (Yes! Your purchase remains completely 'open' and 100% INSTANTLY reversible for that entire time, not a meager 14 days like most stores.)

So, if you try the course, follow my specific guideline and after 364 days you don't see the explosive results you expected, simply send me a short email, (NO EXPLANATION WHATSOEVER IS NECESSARY!) to our private support address, and we will have your FULL purchase price credited.

And what's best is that you won't have to explain anything me...

I won't try to guilt you into keeping the course, you won't have to call any phone numbers and speak to anyone, there will be no run around, no monkey business and no hassles whatsoever, in the unlikely event that you want to return it.

This way I'm the one who risks getting stiffed in this transaction, because you get access to all the secrets to my "Bass Guitar Secrets!" course, a full explanation of the CG-X system to use forever, and your money remains 'in escrow' for 365 DAYS, instantly refundable to you at any time!

Reread the above paragraphs for loopholes if you like. You won’t find any.

My money-back guarantee is absolute
. I don't care if you return it because you don't like the color of the books covers, that's fine with me, because quite frankly I want you to feel 300% comfortable about this investment, and I also want to show just how confident I am that "Bass Guitar Secrets!" will become one of your most prized possessions!

But still, there's even more value for you!

...I just updated the package and added a 3rd juicy component to make this offer no brainer!

Component 3:

9 Additional FREE High Value Gifts
To Turbocharge Your Progress...
(**Two special bonuses are not pictured above... Read on for details about them!)

Recently I updated and gave the course the 3rd degree and I noticed that, although it's a solid education in itself, (more than enough to help you meet most any of your bass playing goals) there were some very helpful tools and resources that would doubtlessly catapult your success with B.G.S. at least 3 times over, if I included them.

So, over and above all the exciting things we talked about before, there's an additional $553.85 worth of FREE stuff I want to give you, and these are bonuses that can only, exclusively be found here and that's because I laid down thousands of dollars of my own money to have them developed exclusively for you - my new BGS customer!

FREE BONUS #1"The B.G.S. JamBox" ($97 Value)

We'll start off with a killer bonus!
I'm not sure if you've seen other books and manuals that include 3, 4 or a dozen 'Jam tracks' for you to practice with...

They just throw them in there at the end of the books almost as an after thought and you quickly get tired of playing them.

Well get this...

Finally there's a way for anyone to jam 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with a full, professional sounding band, who never get tired and is always ready to practice whenever you are.

"BGS's JamBox" is FAR more than 1 or 2 jam tracks.
It's a full piece band (that includes chordal instruments, lead instruments playing melodies and a variety of tight realistic drum phrases) performing 101 tailor-made arrangements to help you maximize on the lessons taught in BGS.

Here's how...
Because it's not some generic program and it's software I personally had custom designed from the ground up, I factored into it a specific practice routine used both by myself and my private students.

That means no more blind, undirected shedding ever again.
These are the same 101 vital chord progressions that my students and I use daily in our practice time, preprogrammed into a SMART 'rhythm machine' at carefully selected tempos.

The result is really 101 carefully crafted lessons in the form of jam tracks that I know for a fact will fast track your development when you coupled with the CG-X system as taught in the "Bass Guitar Secrets" crash course. No chord progression was chosen by guess... It's all strung together almost as an exact science!

FREE BONUS #2"The B.G.S. Fretboard Genius Training Module" ($77 Value)

One of the things you'll discover in BGS is my jealously guarded method for developing what we over here refer to as 'Fretboard X-ray Vision' based on a whole simplified new way to 'see' the fretboard, that has nothing to do with the markers on it or mentally memorizing the notes.

Admittedly the method is a bit 'offbeat' but still, it's the single easiest 'tool' I have found for almost effortless fluidity all over the neck.

With that in mind here's another custom-designed piece of software that you will find incredibly useful.
Based on a scientifically sound method for memorization, the "Fretboard Genius training Module™" is a 'daily-use' 7 minute training module I like to think of as a drill sergeant, to help you quickly internalize the whole process...

Just power it up daily, follow along with the exercises, stand back and be amazed at the results as the software hardcodes the method into your brain...

This software program will be your personal coach to fretboard mastery and can easily be sold for $77 on it's own, but again, it's your totally FREE when you order "Bass Guitar Secrets!".

FREE BONUS #3"The B.G.S. GrooveStation" ($24.95 Value)

I've said it before and I'll say it again... Your sharpest groove skills will develop from woodshedding solo -- with a drummer alone!

So in addition to practicing with the "JamBox", for bass players who are looking to get groovy fast, consistently playing with Grade-A drummers holds the key.

You can almost always subliminally suck up 'groove power' if you hang around other groove monsters...

So in my mind nothing gives a better return on investment for you - the would be groove bassist - than working with really good live drummers!

But because you can't go to them, I brought them to you!

After having dozens of paid-to-play drummers locked in the recording studio over the period of several months I took over 107 carefully hand picked drum tracks and turned it over to a whiz programmer.

The idea I had was to create a piece of software that would allow users to seamlessly use these drum tracks as building blocks to create their own drum grooves... And for the entire process to be brain-dead simple...

Instead of knocking yourself out trying to program complicated drum machines, you can now have a HUGE collection of hard-hitting, prerecorded real live studio drummers at your beck and call:

Introducing The BGMGrooveStation... The New, Smart & Live-Sounding Alternative to Boring And Complicated Drum Machine Software"

This software sells separately on another one of my sites for $24.95 - See here for proof! You get it FREE today with your purchase!


"Insiders' Guide To Chord Mastery for Bass Players" ($27 Value)

If you'd like to be able to play highly advanced chords on your bass guitar have I got a treat for you!...

In this hefty supplementary guide I am going to teach you a far easier way more direct way to really understanding most ANY chord even the hottest guitarist or keyboardist can throw at you so that you can comfortably dance circles around it when you play.

It's called "Alex's Five Rules of Thumb to Absolute Chord Mastery" and I swear it will completely demystify all those fancy sounding, advanced chords you want to be able to play over.

Through surveying bassists just like yourself I've found that over 87% of them don't understand the difficult theory that goes into creating complex sounding chords and as a result end up just playing the root notes over these chords, anxiously waiting for the guitarist to move on to another, simpler chord...

Well the good news is that you still don't have to worry about the complex theory using my system,
but now you'll never again be stuck when you come across an advanced chord...

Here are some of the chords you'll quickly master...
Major11, Major13, Minor9, Minor11, Minor13, 9, 11, 13, Sus2, Sus4, Add9, minAdd9, 6Add9, min6Add9, Dom7Add11, Major7Add11, Minor7Add11, Major7Add13, minor7Add13, Dom7Add13, minMaj7, minMaj9, minMaj11, minMaj13, minMaj7add11, minMaj7add13, Maj7sus4, Maj9sus4, 9sus4, 7sus4, 6sus4, 9b13, 7b5, 7b9, Dom7#9, min7#5... And a lot more!

But there's still more to this guide... Not only do I teach you how to play over these chords... By popular demand I also go ahead and teach you a huge amount of voicings you can use to actually play these chords on your bass yourself!

WARNING... Be careful how you show this skill off in front of some guitarists and keyboardists... They just might get jealous of the bassist playing chords that even they don't know.


"49 Blazing Bass Fills - Special Report" ($14.95 Value)

If you're one of the many bass players looking for a surefire way to spice up your bass lines and add more excitement and variation to your playing, here are 49 template-type, no-fail ideas you can start using immediately delivered by private membership.

Just casually sprinkle a few of these onto your bass lines, no matter what key you're playing in and you'll have people coming up to you 'grilling' you trying to find out where you learnt to play like that!

This licks are presented in tab form and this special report comes with its very own audio kit with sound samples showing how to apply them to your bass lines for maximum effect...


"B.G.S. MetroPLUS" ($29 Value)

Here's another breakthrough innovation you'll find ONLY in "Bass Guitar Secrets!"

After years of study I discovered that most people have no idea what it takes to really, accurately set their 'inner clocks'...

In fact, when I discovered this myself I was ashamed that for years I had been totally wrong about how 'setting your internal clock' works...

I thought it meant playing with a metronome or other time keeper consistently and patiently...
I was dead wrong!

Now unfortunately I have to be a bit vague as to how this piece of software works (because I'm not too excited about having it copied) but I guarantee you this...

MetroPLUS is a highly advanced evolution on the age old 'metronome' that incorporates 'internal clock setting' techniques that are totally alien to 9 out of 10 bass players!


"B.G.S. TuneIt" ($11.95 Value)

Quite simply "TuneIt" is a fully functional 'by-ear' tuner that covers accurate standard tunings for 4, 5 and 6 string basses.

The unique difference that separates it from other generic tuning programs is that "TuneIt" uses real recorded and accurate bass tones rather than lame computer generated midi tones.

Once you start using "TuneIt" you'll never again want to use those horrible, electronic sounding PC tuners.


"FREE Membership to The BGS 1-on-1 Personal Coaching Program" ($75 Value)

Here's yet another innovation I expect to see copycats start offering on their sites... Just remember where you saw it first.

Because of the fact that no matter how great an instructional manual is, practicing in a vacuum can be dangerous to your 'bass playing health' I've arranged to give you 3 free personalized critiques of your development and 1-on-1 consultations!

I mean what good is a manual if you have questions after, that you can't get a REAL person to answer?

So here's how it works.

Every 30 days I'll send you a tailor-made lesson that should test your progress so far. You go through the lesson and complete it as instructed, make a 2 minute recording of yourself playing and send it to a private email address I give you.

I'll take it, rip it apart, analyze it the way I do for my private students and make recommendations and suggestions for improvement.

I'll then tell you exactly what I think you need to spend some more time focusing on.

Then I'll schedule a time to meet with you personally via a private online chat room and brainstorm with you to help you get better and answer any additional questions you may have!

How does a $29 instructional 'book and CD set' match that?!


"Free LIFETIME Updates" (Easily $197 Value)

Now like you would have guessed, bass playing is a passion of mine... And I'm always digging around trying to educate myself further on any new concepts and techniques that will give me even the slightest edge for improvement.

That means, that every time I attend a seminar/workshop, every time I purchase a new instructional set, every time I develop a new concept I think belongs in the manual, I'll do an update...

And every time that happens, I'll send you an email letting you know where you can download the latest updates for the manual in printable PDF form, 100% FREE of charge!

I fully expect that over the next 12 months alone this bonus will be worth a very REAL $197 to every single customer on our list.

And if you're joining after an update was already done you'll be getting the newest version anyway.

Total Retail Value $553.85...
*ALL* Yours, 100% FREE with The
"Bass Guitar Secrets Super Course"


OK fair enough... So how much does this all cost?

Well actually it depends... It depends on whether or not you decide to get it.

If you decide NOT to get it I can only guess, but chances are it'd cost you a lot more than you think.

You see imagine it's 6 months from today, you didn't get the course and you're still stuck in a rut playing the same dull bass lines and you're still singing that same old song you've been singing forever, "Boy one of these days I'm meaning to really start focusing on becoming a better player sometime soon..."

Well let's face it... That's the #1 loser's anthem!

Time and life aren't going to slow down for you to catch up on the things you want to accomplish and the amazing bass skills you want are NOT going to magically drop in your lap either!

If you keep doing the same old thing, (i.e. practicing haphazardly without a specifically charted course of direction for improvement) then you'll continue getting the same static results and you'll continue wasting months, even years of your time when you should have already been a far more advanced player.

Sorry to sound rough but that's outright insane to me. It's either you want to become a better player or not.

If however you DO decide to get the course it'll only cost you a one time fee of $179*** for the whole thing. (***Keep reading to and see how you can save up to $129 by getting it today!)

I've got easily about 250+ man hours worth of real time invested in this course.

At a modest rate of $25 per hour for personal classes that works out to $6,250 worth of my time, you're getting in this detailed step-by-step training guide.

Now obviously I am not going to be ridiculous and pretend I can sell this course for $6,250 but I'm just saying that this is exactly what I invested in there.

More realistically the average person would conservatively spend close to $1450 before you covered about 85% of what we'll cover in this course. (Calculated at $25/hour at 50 private sessions + $200 for various instructional books and videos along the way).

And if you think for a moment that all the secrets inside this huge, jam packed course can be dug up from some $17.00 "Cheap Copycat" ebook or website membership, some 'hurriedly-put-together', generic, 'over-the-counter' publication or one of those shallow 25 minute instructional videos, boy are you ever sadly mistaken!

The Bass Guitar Secrets - Super Course is a premium quality product... Not your typical bargain basement deal.

So at $179 for the whole deal, my price is not 'cheap' but it's extremely fair any way you cut it...


You just saw for yourself that the entire "Bass Guitar Secrets" course is priced at $179 and is worth every penny, but if while you're visiting this notice is still here, I've got some really exciting news for you.

...A few weeks ago we switched to a new fulfillment company (that's the company who prints up, packages and ships out Bass Guitar Secrets for us) but because we were a new account to them I was able to 'haggle' my way into getting a pretty sweet deal for our first run of products.

This means that the first run of "Bass Guitar Secrets" courses they print up will turn out to be at a very significant cost savings to us... And I've decided to pass those savings on to you.

Long story short... While these last we're able to sell the course at the most affordable price it's ever been and likely will ever be.

WARNING! -- I don't expect them to continue printing at this price again for us so when copies of this first run are sold out, I'm about 90% sure I'll be removing this notice and the price may go back to $179.

OK let's wrap this up...

"What do I get again?" In a nutshell the "Bass Guitar Secrets!" course includes;

      • 1 - Fully comprehensive, 2 part 8.5" x 11" manual
      • 5 - Custom designed, 100% Exclusive software programs (ONLY PC version available!)
      • 4 - Audio CDs Kits
      • 2 - Additional supplementary training manuals
      • 1 - Membership to my coaching program
      • 1 - Certificate for Lifetime free updates to the two manuals

And when you open that big package up here's how it's broken down...

      • The comprehensive 2 Volume "Bass Guitar Secrets!" manuals... (250+ pages filled head-to-toe with hard hitting lessons.
      • A whooping 167+ high quality audio sound samples, commentary and examples I cover in the books... (A total of 457 sound files in total counting jam tracks)
      • The custom-designed BGS GrooveStation software...
      • The bonus "Chord Mastery for Bass Players" supplemental guide complete with more audio files...
      • The custom-designed BGS JamBox software with 101 jam tracks...
      • The "BGS Fretboard Genius Training Module" software...
      • The "49 Blazin' Bass Fills and Runs" special report and all the audios to go with that!
      • BGS's TuneIt - Bass guitar tuning software...
      • BGS's MetroPLUS advanced 'internal-clock' software...
      • 3 FREE certificates and membership to the 1-on-1 "Personal Coaching and Mentoring Program"...
      • A certificate for FREE Lifetime updates..

      • A printed and SIGNED, "100% IRONCLAD, NO Questions Asked money back guarantee that covers you from any risk what so ever!...

So here's exactly how to order...

The next move is up to you.

I’ve shown you that "Bass Guitar Secrets!" is as risk-free and as beneficial as an offer can come for a beginner/intermediate bassist.

In fact it shows you everything you need to know to get started playing performance level bass in 90 days or less or your money back!

And you and I both know that if you’ve read this far in the letter, you’re seriously interested in clearing the air on the most crucial bass playing topics so you can get started jamming and sounding good doing it.

All that’s left to do now is take action.

2 Quick & Easy Ways To Order
"Bass Guitar Secrets!"

Option #1

The normal hard-copy physical version with all the all the manuals, audios CDs, bonus software, addtional lessons everything as described above, rushed out high priority to your doorstep is now $179... only $97 plus s&h. (46% cost savings)

That's HUGE people. If you're thinking of getting the course... Now is the time!

But we've also got a second option that cuts our production cost even more... (And therefore passes even more savings to you.)

Option #2

Another thing we recently did was had a fancy programming firm put the entire course contents together on a single CD-ROM in a digital computer readable format...

It's all the EXACT same stuff in there (all bonuses, all additional lessons everything is included) but because it's on a CD-ROM it's a lot more affordable to produce.

That way you put the CD into your computer (ONLY PC version) and all the manuals, sound samples everything is available to you on your computer at the click of a mouse button.

Then if you want to print off the books yourself you can. And if you're not scared stiff of computers this works great.

This version is only $49.95 plus s&h... (72% cost savings)

(N.B. if you previously purchased "Bass Guitar Secrets" for $179 and you're reading this now for whatever reason, please contact us at the Private Support email address we gave you, immediately... We have an exclusive, big surprise bonus for you guys and gals only, that more than makes up for the discount you missed out on.)

Ordering Options: We accept most major credit cards and PAYPAL directly through our 100% secured servers. Simply click the link below and submit the quick form.

I hope you make the sensible choice.

Press Play For A Sound Sample

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Internet Playback

"...Using 'Bass Guitar Secrets!' There's NO REASON
That You Won't Be Able To Perform
or Just Jam To Songs Like This..."
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Creator "Bass Guitar Secrets! - The CG-X System"

P.S. Right now you're probably thinking, "Man this offer sure does look good... It's obviously a honey of a deal, but do I really want to take a gamble..?"

Well my friend, that's exactly why I included my "IRONCLAD, No-Risk Money Back Guarantee." (And remember, with your purchase, you're actually getting a real printable signed and sealed PDF guarantee with my written signature!)

You have a full 365 days to put "Bass Guitar Secrets!" to the test and if you aren't absolutely thrilled with the results you accomplish, so much so that even others point out your marked improvements, there's NO need to complain or eat yourself up...

Just send me an email and I'm the one who eats his shirt -- not you. Simple as that!

LOOK! -- Here's what... I'll even make it more lopsided.

Because of how much faith I have that you'll quickly find the course is the deal of the century my guarantee is so absolute that you also have my blessings to KEEP ALL THE SPECIAL SOFTWARE BONUSES as a FREE gift, even if you do request a refund.

So that's a guaranteed gain, no matter what you decide one year from now.

Click here to order online now.

P.P.S. I personally think this thing is far and away the most systematic and comprehensive electric bass course created this side of the moon.

And I'm not just saying that because I want you to buy it. Heck, if you don't buy it it's not going to hurt my feelings.

BUT if you don't get it, I strongly suggest you ask someone that has, just how valuable the secrets they learnt from the course are to them... I guarantee they'll feel like they want to sleep with it under their pillow so no one can take it from them. {smile}

Click here only if you decide not to order...

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